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E.ON & Adeje Verde

Introducing Adeje Verde – Spain’s largest solar community

E.ON has announced the Adeje Verde, the first energy community of its kind and the biggest solar circle in Spain to date.

Webinar 22 Sep: Harnessing data in homes and buildings

Since Google, Facebook and other companies located in Silicon Valley, showed the rest of the world the hidden power of harnessing data.
UK's DCC involved in smart meter rollout

UK DCC sets out smart meter plans

The UK smart meter Data Communications Company (DCC) is evolving its activities to support the ongoing rollout and operation of the country’s electricity and gas smart meters.

DEWA virtual power plant enhances smart grid DER integration

DEWA has enhanced integration between DERs in its smart grid through its VPP, touted by the company as the first of its kind in the region.
edge computing possibilities for the power sector

New edge computing solutions set to revolutionise the power industry

The adoption of new edge computing solutions is forecasted to create much needed disruption, writes Andrew Foster, IOTech co-founder.
ABB Microgrid in Manchester

ABB releases blueprint for carbon negative microgrids

ABB announced delivery of electrical distribution and control systems for a 300kW future microgrid for Oldham Council in Greater Manchester.