Policy & Regulation

Ed’s Note: Greece pitches new electricity market model

The Greeks went to Brussels bearing gifts in the form of a proposal and a letter that focus on the division of electricity markets.


US Supreme Court limits EPA’s greenhouse gas powers

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been limited in its authority to regulate greenhouse gases.
European Union flags in Brussels

Ed’s note: What was decided during G7 and the Energy Council?

Editor Areti Ntaradimou reflects on the decisions made during G7 and the Energy Council to prepare for a winter without Russian gas.
Russia slowly killing Europe's green deal

Ed’s note: Russia slowly killing the Green Deal

European countries are switching on coal-fired power plants to ensure enough power supply but this goes against the Green Deal.
EASE bemoans lack of storage strategy in REPowerEU announcement

Europe needs 14GW/year of energy storage – EASE

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) assesses Europe’s storage needs around 200GW by 2030 and 600GW by 2050.
nuclear enabled hydrogen

Nuclear enabled hydrogen – how it helps to reach net zero

Nuclear enabled hydrogen is zero carbon, has low cost energy input, is large scale and offers co-location synergy and energy system connectivity.

Global leaders agree to urgent action on energy efficiency

Global leaders have pledged support to bolster energy efficiency in an effort to reduce energy bills, dependence on foreign fuels, and emissions.