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EVE provides over 180m super capacitor solutions for smart meters worldwide

Battery Capacitor SPC, self-developed by EVE, provides comprehensive super capacitor solutions, which are stable, efficient, safe, and reliable.

International IoT exhibition – Extreme manufacturing sustainable development

EVE Energy will be exhibiting several IoT battery solutions at the 18th 2022 International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen, which will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) on August 18-20, 2022.

EVE provides reliable power solutions for heat meters

Driven by AI and IoT, heat meters have become one of the main measuring instruments related to people's livelihood.

Demand for smart gas meters continues on an upward trajectory

It is estimated that by 2022, the domestic sales of smart gas meters (IC & NB-IoT) in China will be close to 60 million units, of which gas meters in NB-IoT are 15 million with an expected 25% proportion increase.

Demand for smart water meters continues to rise

With the acceleration of the smart city construction process, the demand for smart water meters continues to increase.

Paths to sustainable development

At a global online conference, Vincent Wong, Senior Vice President of EVE released the Cylindrical Battery Strategy with the theme of 'Paths to Sustainable Development'.

Comprehensive power solutions for smart security

Under the rapid development trend of the IoT and artificial intelligence industry, Smart Security has gradually replaced traditional security and has become the main development mode of the industry.

Providing more than 250 million automotive electronic batteries globally

As a core brand in the lithium battery industry, EVE continues to make efforts in the field of automotive electronics, providing a variety of power solutions for automotive electronics, including button type and cylindrical type batteries.

EVE provides power solutions for vehicle positioning and cargo tracking

Over 1.5 billion lithium primary batteries are distributed in the smart metering and intelligent transportation system market globally.

EVE: providing more than 1.5 billion smart meter batteries worldwide

As one of the major Chinese Lithium battery enterprises, EVE provides comprehensive solutions for smart meters such as electricity meters, water meters, and gas meters, with more than 16 years of industry application experience.