Smart data drives Japanese utility’s success


Japanese power utility Chubu Electric Power Grid Co., Inc. is committed to providing a stable supply of high-quality energy in a safe and reasonable form to deliver on the realisation of a low-carbon society.

This article was originally published in The Global Power & Energy Elites 2021.

With this in mind, it was not surprising that the utility was quick to rollout a smart meter strategy following Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) 2014 mandate to liberate the electricity market. The goal of this initiative was to stabilise the supply of energy, curb charges and create choice for Japanese customers.

Based on its proven track record of successful smart meter implementations across the globe, Chubu Electric Power Grid Co. chose Oracle Utilities to kick off its smart meter programme in 2013. As of mid-2020, the utility has already rolled out seven million smart meters with Oracle Meter Data Management (MDM) as part of a larger initiative to achieve 10 million connected residential and commercial properties by 2023. With the data from its existing smart meters, the utility can visualise energy usage to improve the efficiency of power generation and transmission facilities and better serve its customers. For example, the utility can use meter data to see when a customer is reaching their target energy usage and alert them.

Additionally, the utility can enable electricity retailers in the region to continually refine and improve their service offerings including fee calculation and flexible pricing menu proposals based on the collected data. This could include implementing Time of Use (TOU) rates to support the efficient use of electric power by customers while reducing energy load during peak demand times.

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