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Black & Veatch to advance green energy production in Vietnam

Black & Veatch will study and advance the production and supply of green hydrogen and green ammonia in Vietnam.
grid modernisation

Work to be done for US utilities to modernise fragile grid – Black &...

The majority of utilities in the US are not ready to define or implement grid modernisation and digitalisation programmes - Black & Veatch.
energy transition asia

Renewables and grid integration: The greatest challenge to Asia’s energy transition

To achieve decarbonisation and energy transition goals, utilities in Asia need to address the integration of renewables with grid networks
water sustainability

Decarbonising water, ensuring sustainability

Financial drivers and strong consumer demand are driving water utilities’ sustainability goals, more so than regulatory pressure - study.
digital twins

Data-driven digital twins drawing more attention in quest to bolster asset resilience, performance

European utilities are seeing and beginning to embrace the value of digital twins, reflected in global critical human infrastructure leader Black & Veatch’s creation of one of the first water utility digital twins – for Anglian Water in England – in 2019.
water industry - Black & Veatch

Water industry challenges amplify the need for resilience and a digital approach

Challenges in the water, wastewater and stormwater industry, challenges test the sector, amplifying the need for more robust resilience.
grid modernisation

PUC Distribution selects Black & Veatch to design smart grid project Ontario

PUC Distribution selected Black & Veatch for the design of a smart grid project to enhance energy resilience in Ontario, Canada.
grid modernisation

eBook identifies threats to utility grid modernisation efforts

Black & Veatch discusses the progress being made by utilities in the US in modernising their grid networks and the challenges they are facing in doing so.

AI company studies distributed green hydrogen for fleet decarbonisation

Artificial Intelligence company Empati has commissioned Black & Veatch to study the feasibility of using distributed production of green hydrogen to fuel vehicle fleets.

Corporates are setting sustainability goals they don’t know how to achieve

A new report explores how corporates are setting their sustainability goals and the measures being adopted to ensure these goals are achieved.