Futurist to address the changing nature of work as DTECH and POWERGEN convene in Dallas


An “exponential productivity revolution” is how futurist Nancy Giordano describes the changing nature of work in the post-pandemic world. The revolution is affecting all sectors of the economy, including the energy sector.

Giordano offers deeper insight into the topic as part of her keynote presentation during the upcoming DISTRIBUTECH/POWERGEN International events in Dallas, May 23-25. Giordano speaks at 1:00 pm on May 24.

We don’t have to look very hard to see headlines about companies changing their work-from-home policies. As workers got used to working from home offices over the past two years many found they enjoyed not going into an office every day.

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Citing benefits like improved work-life balance, equal attention in video meetings, decreased carbon footprints because they drive less, it’s clear to many companies that instilling at least some work-from-home options will be necessary to retain good workers.

But what does that mean for the power and electric utility industry? Many of the jobs that are done by those who help power our lives must be done onsite or in the field. How can utilities respond to the demands of new workers who want a better work experience?

That’s the topic of the DISTRIBUTECH/POWERGEN International keynote.

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Giordano offered Power Grid International editor Jenn Runyon a sneak peak of her talk (below). Take a minute to watch and then join the showlater this month in Dallas to hear her in person.