Ed’s note: Why this year’s ETCSEE matters more than ever


Energy Trading Central and South Eastern Europe – ‘ETCSEE’ is one of the most recognised events for the energy trading industry. That is a fact. During this 2-day event, high level trading representatives and key decision makers discuss the current and future scenarios regarding the central and southeastern European markets. That is another fact.

The European power and gas markets are under extreme pressure due to the war in Ukraine. Energy prices are on an unprecedented rise. Add to that the increasing demand for energy in Asia and the, perhaps premature, closure of nuclear and coal plants around Europe and you have a cluster of facts coming your way.

All those facts together make one huge reason why this year’s ETCSEE, happening in Budapest from 15 June – 16 June, is a must-attend event. And that is because it will provide you with a deep dive into the developments of markets in central and southeastern Europe, discussing the strategies in place, lessons learnt and more importantly, what the uncertain future will look like.

It is no secret that central and especially southeastern European markets have been hit particularly hard by the ongoing situation and it is of interest, to say the least, to get answers to questions like:

  • Did the markets prove that they are appropriately set to withstand extreme conditions?
  • What kind of analyses and conclusions have been made?
  • What regional developments should we keep an eye on?
  • What are the main price drivers for both power and gas for the short and long term?
  • What are the trends and changes in the regional CPPA market?

Do you need more reasons? Babett Pavlics, CEO of Keler CCP says: “We at KELER CCP see ETCSEE as a unique opportunity to be present at and introduce ourselves as a potential clearing service provider to the market. During the 2-day in-depth professional programme, we are always able to explore all important developments and fresh news from the speakers, but I value even more the lively discussions and small talks that we can have with our clients and partners during the networking events and coffee breaks.”

Listen to:
Energy Transitions Podcast: Extreme volatility in power and gas markets

I believe that Babett has touched upon a very important point. Networking during ETCSEE and the small talks on the side can be equally important and eye opening as the knowledgeable panel discussions and presentations.

There is no doubt that this year’s topics are fundamental for the Green Deal and Europe’s clean future, but since trading is also about partnerships, Plamen Popov, former Head of Trading SEE Statkraft, says “The event is my recommendation for traders from Central and South East Europe to attend because this is really the place where they can meet their future partners”. 

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Not convinced yet? Then Patrick Bauduin, Content Director of ETCSEE, has this to tell you: “European energy markets are currently venturing into uncharted waters. In times like these, it is extremely important to come together to learn what is happening, and what developments are still to come, to draw conclusions and determine a strategy for the future. I am thrilled to see that 400 delegates from the Central and South Eastern European energy trading community will join again in Budapest.”

I could not agree more and therefore I’ll join ETCSEE and interview a few people while I am there. Will you join me?

Areti Ntaradimou
Editor, Smart Energy International

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