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Initiate start up call 2022

Initiate: Open call for start-ups positively impacting the energy transition

Initiate is calling all start-ups that are focused on making the energy transition successful. to apply for the Initiate 2022 Open Call now.
Behavioural science

How behavioural science can boost the green transition

Taking behavioural science into consideration when designing energy policy is crucial for energy transition writes Dr Rosa Garcia-Verdugo.
Energy storage as the solution

Long Duration Storage, the solution to the energy crisis

Alan Greenshields, European Director of ESS Inc., sees long duration storage as a promising solution for the global energy crisis.
Natalie Patton on Buildings and data analytics

Smart buildings on the frontline in the battle against climate change

Natalie Patton, director of customer success at BIoT, iterates how “Buildings create around 70% of global energy consumption and emissions.”

South Africa’s energy transition proves a balancing act despite EU funding

Despite the $8.5 billion EU-led funding South Africa is facing an uphill struggle to develop the green infrastructure needed to achieve net zero,

Energy Transitions Podcast: Energy Trading – how do you achieve maximum agility?

Mark shares insight into EDF UK’s work and how agile energy trading plays a key role in supporting energy transition goals.
Itron Inspire 2022

Itron Inspire returns live in 2022

Itron Inspire has been confirmed for 2022. The conference will be occurring live in Marco Island, Florida, from September 23-30, 2022.
World Economic Forum 2022

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 takes place after two-year hiatus

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 takes the theme of ‘History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies’.

Ed’s note: The Power of the Projects – Sharing is so much more than...

Enlit Europe director Paddy Young explains why he is so passionate about the energy projects sponsored by the European Commission.
Data integration visualised

How AI innovation is enabling the energy transition

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being introduced in utility use cases from renewables integration to resilience and more.