Ed’s note: Energy poverty in our own backyard


The first International Energy Poverty Action Week (IEPAW) is held virtually this week, from the 21st (yesterday) to the 25th (Friday) of February. It brings together academics, policymakers and various experts in the field of energy poverty for a series of seminars, workshops and discussions.

Volunteered - based, this brilliant initiative focuses on finding actionable solutions to this global issue. The discussion started yesterday with a focus on the right to energy and energy justice. Today, it is focused on Latin America, tomorrow on Europe (our own backyard), Thursday on Asia and Friday on Africa.

Marine Cornelis, Founder & Executive Director at Next Energy Consumer, is one of the organizers and she is going to moderate the panel ‘Africa: Boosting access to clean energy for sustainable development' on Friday the 25th (13:00-14:30 CET). Given the opportunity, I asked her a couple of questions regarding the fundamental topic of energy poverty.