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US wind power

SEF Weekly: $369bn US clean energy package and energy interconnection

In this week of Smart Energy Finance (SEF) Weekly AI asset inspection and a politically charge interconnector take the cage.

ReBeam – harnessing blockchain to improve the e-mobility experience

ReBeam is designed to improve e-mobility for drivers, charge point operators and the electricity providers.

Elia Group launches new offshore subsidiary WindGrid

The Board of Directors for European electricity transmission company Elia Group has approved the formation of a new subsidiary called WindGrid.

TSO visible EV charging demonstrated on blockchain

Belgian/German transmission system operator Elia has demonstrated visibility on an electric vehicle (EV) charging session.
Chris Peeters, CEO of Elia Group, explains the future role of TSOs

Elia Group: Embracing the future role of TSOs

Elia Group CEO Chris Peeters shares his insights about Fit for 55, digitalisation of the sector and his vision for Elia and TSOs at large.
Chris Peeters (Elia Group) and Greg Jackson (Octopus Energy) sign their MoU at COP26

Ed’s note: A match made in COP26 heaven

Elia Group (Belgian TSO operating both in Belgium and Germany) and Octopus Energy Group (British Utility and technology provider) signed an agreement last week at COP26. It regards the collaboration of the two groups on the development of consumer centric energy services, with the scope of facilitating the energy transition.

COP26: Octopus Energy and Elia to partner on consumer flexibility

The partnership is intended to unlock the flexibility of consumer devices such as electric vehicles and heat pumps to balance the grid.

Towards a consumer-centric energy market design in Europe

Belgium’s transmission system operator Elia Group has called for two market design changes to become consumer-centric.

Resilience in the energy transition – four utility experiences

Security is a cornerstone in resilience for utilities in meeting the challenges of the day in their digital transformation.

Energy data marketplace re.alto launched by Elia Group

The energy data exchange re.alto has been launched to accelerate digitalisation in Europe's energy sector.