Webinar Recording | IEC 61850: The foundation for introducing grid intelligence and automation everywhere

To get the most from IEC 61850, utilities must ensure that their communications, protection, and SCADA organizations understand its impact on their use cases, testing, operations, and performance so they can develop effective shared deployment plans.

Webinar Recording: Create a DERMS strategy to pave the road to Net-Zero

Join this session to hear about a flexible and scalable approach to Enterprise DERMS. Experts will discuss how to enhance business processes to engage customers, facilitate local markets, and financially settle for energy and service provision.
energy market trends

2021 in review: Not-to-miss discussions on energy market trends

Review our top webinars that explored energy market trends with industry leaders.

Webinar Recording: Building a sustainable future for a smart living

In this panel discussion, contributors to the KNX technology will talk about the challenges faced by the Smart City, and how interoperability at the core of the ecosystem can flawlessly orchestrate Energy Management.

Webinar Recording: Towards a European data space for energy

The time is now to gather input from high-level experts and policymakers on how this energy data space can be best designed and deployed in the EU.

Webinar Recording: Sustainable IoT in renewable energy

In this live session, experts from Cisco will talk about the trends they see in the renewable energy space, the challenges around creating these trends, and how to build a modern, future-proof and secure communications architecture.