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About Arkossa

We provide end to end custom smart metering services to DSOs that wish to improve their AMI systems, ensure good meter data reachability and secure their networks.
Smart meter data analytics

Leveraging smart meter data analytics for proactive grid management

Tobie DeVilliers, head of network intelligence for United Energy, CitiPower and Powercor, talks on use cases for smart meter data analytics.
Enzen Australia digitalisation of energy infrastructure

Australia breaks ground on energy infrastructure digitalisation

Enzen Australia has secured its first engagement in an ambitious strategy to digitalise the energy infrastructure of Australia through IoT.
UtilityAI financing

Startup UtilityAPI raises $10M in Series A round

UtilityAPI announced the close of Series A funding with a $10 million investment, led by Aligned Climate Capital.
Google Cloud perovskite microgrid partnership

Google Cloud partners up to utilise perovskite within IoT

Google Cloud has signed a strategic cooperation to develop new products using perovskite in the fields of distributed energy and IoT.

Northern Ireland Water expands AI asset monitoring programme

Samotics has expanded deployment of its AI-driven SAM4 system across Northern Ireland Water submerged assets.
Jason Atwell on malware and cyber security

The threat ICS malware poses to the electric power sector

Although we are more aware of malware and cyber threats than ever before, a future attempt will certainly occur, writes Jason Atwell.
wind energy

Three ways to drive profitability for wind energy investors

ONYX Insight has released a new report providing recommendations on how the wind energy sector can remain successful and profitable for investors.
Data DNA

The power of disruptive digital DNA

Digital Transformation is now underway in almost all utilities. In recent survey, 95 percent of the senior global power sector respondents agreed with the statement “Digital transformation is a top strategic priority at my organization.”
AI i

AI is the new electricity

As with all emerging technological trends, some elements of artificial intelligence are hyped out of proportion, some elements are ahead of their time, and some even incite fear.

The IoT platform dilemma

At the end of 2015, Gartner predicted that “Through 2018, 80% of IoT implementations will squander transformational opportunities by focusing on narrow use-cases and analytics.” At the beginning of 2019, David Socha takes a...