Industry insights

Customer-centric demand response a key solution for Japan’s energy transition challenges

Japan’s electricity sector is facing the triple challenges in the energy transition of energy security, cost and decarbonisation, writes James Tedd from GridBeyond.


JO-Jo Hubbard on renewables

Wasted energies – why we’re getting renewables wrong and how to fix it

For Jo-Jo Hubbard renewables remain the correct bet. The problem is the system within which we are integrating these sources of clean energy.

Targeting grid resilience with digitalisation

Grid resilience: New solutions for a digital grid are being pioneered by Gridspertise building on Enel’s positioning over two decades at the forefront of advances.

Gridspertise’s advanced digital solutions for a smart and resilient grid

Gridspertise, a subsidiary of the Enel Group, is on a mission to be a trusted partner to utilities worldwide to support them as they accelerate the digitalisation of their grids through advanced digital solutions.

Technology Trending: substations, broadband, battery IDs and smart homes

Dubai substations, broadband in Germany, a proposed battery identification standard and the forthcoming Matter standard are under the technology radar.
TÜV SÜD IoT cyber security white paper

IoT cyber security impetus placed on manufacturers – TÜV SÜD

TÜV SÜD has released a new white paper explaining to manufacturers the significance of cyber security for IoT devices.
Smart Energy Finances Weekly

Smart Energy Finances Weekly: Asian stakes and the race to net zero

This week's Smart Energy Finances Weekly illustrates the Asian region as a sector of interest by key players such as Trilliant.