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The Global Power & Energy Elites is industry’s moment to celebrate those at the forefront of innovation and an opportunity to position your organisation amongst inspiring leaders and projects.

Now in its eighth year, the annual print publication and digital platform feature those leaders and projects setting the benchmarks in their regions and/or globally, giving readers insights into their planning and execution.

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Readers are given a glimpse into the personal leadership styles of influencers at the forefront of innovation and transition in the power and energy sector.

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Rodger Smith, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Oracle Utilities, welcomes this edition with powerful words that we should not ignore: “Many global utilities are leading the way in setting bold plans to eliminate carbon from their energy production in the next 25-30 years. But the road to get there is not an easy, cheap, or fast one.

“To truly transition to a net-zero energy grid, it will take utilities potentially decades and millions, even trillions, of dollars. The past year of record flooding, wildfires, and droughts remind us that time is not on our side.”

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The Global Power & Energy Elites editor, Ashley Theron-Ord, commented: “As parts of the sector take steps to adopt clean power and sustainable business strategies, there are leaders placing their heads above the parapet to put words into practice. The declarations delivered at COP26 are not enough – we need action.

“Ingrained in our team’s DNA is our dedication to telling the stories of the leaders driving a just energy transition. I am excited for you to join this journey as we work together to create a secure and sustainable planet for generations to come.”

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