Demand response a key element for a reinvented grid to reach net zero

Demand response and energy management are a crucial part of the solution to make Australia’s fast-changing electricity sector work reliably, writes Diogo Cabral, Senior Business Development at GridBeyond.
Neara strategic expansion to improve network reliability

Neara expands to improve network safety and reliability

Neara is expanding to help energy providers improve network safety and reliability and accelerate the integration of clean energy.
Jemena LiDAR

Jemena trials new LiDAR tech for powerline inspections in Australia

Jemena is using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to determine whether powerlines across its electricity network require maintenance.

Intellihub acquires energy tech company GreenSync

The acquisition is expected to unlock gigawatts of behind the meter renewable generation and consumer flexibility.

GridBeyond launches operations in Australia

Dublin heaquartered GridBeyond, a specialist in demand response, continues its expansion with its presence in Australia.
drone technology

Project Endeavour takes off with first 5G drone flight demonstration

Endeavour Energy has conducted its first successful on-site inspection of physical electricity infrastructure.