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Meet the Europe-based start-ups that are disrupting, inspiring and evolving the energy sector.

Palle Haderslev, Principal Consultant, DeviceLab ApS

What is so cool about the Payload Extractor software?

The Payload Extractor server software is a solution for system integrators who find it complex, frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive to build their own wM-Bus and OMS parser.

wM-bus and OMS are the dominant standards for meter communication, adopted by all European meter manufacturers. This allows system integrators to integrate meters from a wide range of manufactures into their AMR system. However, the standards are quite comprehensive, complicated and technical.

The Payload Extractor server software has an integrated secure Keystore for your device keys. It decrypts and decodes your raw telegrams from any wM-bus or OMS compliant meter and sensor. Not only do you get the counter value, the Payload Extractor software also decodes any additional information in the raw telegram. Specifically, device error flags are in demand by system integrators.

Palle Haderslev

Communication to your host system via HTTP requests makes integration a simple task for your system engineer. Our fast update cycle keeps the Payload Extractor device library updated when new meters are released.

Even though the meter manufacturers offer their own cloud platform solution, including payload extraction, they only support their meters. DeviceLab specialises in payload extraction software. We don’t sell devices and gateways; we like to collaborate with all hardware manufacturers instead.

Main area of impact?

The Payload Extractor will significantly shorten the time-to-market for your multi brand meter AMR system. Decrypting and decoding is instantly available for the full range of devices after installation and integration. Redundant gateways from different manufacturers can be eliminated. You need only one common AMR infrastructure to collect data from all your devices, never mind the brand. This may lower your installation cost.

With the Payload Extractor software from DeviceLab you can use any meter agnostic gateway on the market. Just forward the raw meter telegram transparently from any meter and sensor to your server with the Payload Extractor installed. When the telegram has been run through the Payload Extractor, all data contained in the telegram has been decoded, and is stored in your main database, ready to use for your frontend apps, whether it is for energy management, billing, dashboards etc.

Words of wisdom for other start-ups?

Start-up advisors claim that founders should bet it all on their start-up in order to prove they are committed. This may work for some but at DeviceLab we prefer to “grow” our software in a stable and robust environment, and not have sleepless nights in fear of running out of funding. I suppose “keep calm – and carry on” works better for us when building trustworthy and reliable software.

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Diego Piazza

Diego Piazza, CEO and Co-founder, DRB

What is cool about DRB?

DRB is a spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano. We deliver technologies for drones’ automation. We deliver integration of our patented localization device and our proprietary AI SW platform. With DRB, you always know where your drone is, and why it is there.

In particular, the localization algorithm takes care of the safety mission management, setting safe flight paths and no-fly zones. The AI SW is verticalized for the mission, and it takes care of target recognition and tracking when missions require very high automation.

Main area of impact?

Our solution is very general purpose since it can be applied to many drones’ applications as well as other moving objects like AGVs. As start-up, DRB is focusing on specific niches such as industrial inspections and logistics. In particular, we are able to simplify and speed up inspections for wind towers and powerlines.

For the HV powerlines, we are now testing a system for NDT inspections of insulators.

We integrate a sort of robotic arm on a custom drone that is able to carry a powerful instrument that measures the E-field of HV insulators to spot damage that is not visible with RGB or multispectral cameras. We are also involved with Leonardo S.p.A. in a project proposed by ENAC (the Italian Aeronautical Regulator) for defining requirements in terms of technology and safety for new services of urban delivery and smart cities.

Words of wisdom for other start-ups?

There are plenty of resources on the internet on how to build successful start-ups. Read, make it yours and elaborate. Also, in your company’s early-stage, your primary goal is to reduce the uncertainty level. You make it by networking: try to involve prospects in your development; use what you have first, your team knowledge, your own money; if you have lemons, make lemonade…and do it cheap. Try and fail fast.

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Razvan Sima

Razvan Sima, General Manager, RF Meters

What is cool about RF Meters?

RF Meters helps utilities become more efficient by providing innovative solutions for smart metering. The unique feature of RF Meters is that it is a tech provider, so the smart metering solution can be applied to any digital meter from any manufacturer from any industry.

The wireless protocol developed by RF Meters is based on the IEEE 802.15.4g open standard, promoted by Wi-SUN Alliance. It provides a configurable number of readings from meters, from 1-minute readings to 15-minute readings.

Software upgrades over-the-air are also fulfilled.

It covers up to 4 square km through a MESH type network. The solution is independent of the grid status and doesn’t involve any network modernization costs.

Main area of impact?

Utilities are struggling to replace drive-by meter readings with smart metering. Also, the liberalization of the energy market brings new metering issues because any energy provider can deliver electric or gas energy. The inability to get real-time consumption data can have implications if unexpected peaks in energy demand occur.

RF Meters aims to provide a customizable solution for all types of smart metering. It can also be applied as a retrofit to existing digital meters or sub-meters for building owners.

Words of wisdom for other start-ups?

The world economy is experiencing a renaissance after the pandemic.

The opportunity represents a substantive mission for all of us to secure a more sustainable energy future. It is a very exciting time to work on energy innovations that positively impacts climate and communities.

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Benedikt Pilscheur

Benedikt Pilscheur, Co-founder & CEO, Soraytec Scandinavia

What is cool about Soraytec?

Soraytec disrupts the way medium voltage distribution networks are operated by providing real-time metering and waveform streaming. This allows DSOs to transition to a decentralized, fully automated, self-healing and optimized network.

Soraytec’s solution is a connected IoT system, which provides data for all relevant network parameters with revenue grade accuracy in real-time. The combination of a self-powered high-frequency sensor and a data gateway with edge computing capabilities allows for a decentralized, resilient smart grid. The transition from an analogue-based system to a digitized one that measures on the primary side of the transformers instead of the secondary side provides the solution for digitalization for the DSOs.

The Soraytec meter is a plug and play system that can be installed anywhere in the network and is perfectly suited for retrofitting existing transformers with smart features.

Main area of impact?

We provide a solution that accurately assesses the state of the network and enables operators to act in time to keep up with the changes brought on by the ongoing energy transition. The features of our meter give DSOs a novel way to optimize network capacity without the need to pull new wires or install additional assets. Furthermore, the information provided by our meters ensures identification of potential areas of failure, as well as characterize, localize and isolate the failure faster than current approaches – hence creating cost savings.

Words of wisdom for other start-ups?

Resilience, agility and transition are key topics for us as a company. Do not be afraid to ask, listen and adjust to what the market really needs. If you are into energy, this is one of the most exciting times in history!

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