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Initiate: Open call for start-ups positively impacting the energy transition

Initiate is calling all start-ups that are focused on making the energy transition successful. to apply for the Initiate 2022 Open Call now.


Start Up launch pad India an Indonesia

Start-up launch pad: Indonesia and India

Smart Energy International has dedicated this space to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and celebrating champions of innovation. Read up about a selection of highly innovative small ventures from India and Indonesia.

Innovators unleashing clean hydrogen’s potential

If we’re serious about establishing a viable clean hydrogen economy, innovations from entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups and other small ventures are vital contributors.
Does shared value equal fair innovation in Utility-Land?

Does shared value equal fair innovation in utility-land?

Treating societal challenges as business opportunities is the most important new dimension of corporate strategy and the most powerful path to social progress.

Iberdrola’s global start-up programme unveils new micromobility challenge

Iberdrola has unveiled a new challenge for companies within the micromobility industry under efforts to decarbonise the transport sector,

Australian energy sector priorities focus on data and digitalisation

Nine startups have been selected to support eastern Australia transmission and distribution operators’ priorities.
InitiateTech brings corporates and start-ups together

Ed’s note: Utilities and start-ups – A match made in heaven?

InitiateTech is a new platform that should bring corporates and new tech together to tackle the challenges of reaching net zero together.