Utilities and cybersecurity - preventing cyber attacks

Episode #18: Cybersecurity and utilities – how to solve and prevent cyber attacks

Experts from Networked Energy Services (NES), OSGP Alliance and Cerius share their insights on preventing cyber attacks in this podcast episode.

Episode #17: Marzia Zafar opts for an inclusive energy transition

Listen to the conversation between our host, Areti Ntaradimou, and Marzia Zafar about the human condition of the energy transition.

Episode #16: Leveraging AMI data to enhance grid situational awareness

How could the use of AMI data assist in providing situational awareness to grid ops? Experts from OSIsoft and PowerRunner discuss this topic in this podcast episode.
Digital energy future

Episode #15: What will be the industry trends over the next 25 years?

The next quarter-century in the power and energy industry will be driven by global efforts to decarbonise the sector, powered by clean energy policies, new technologies and empowered consumers. What other innovations are on the horizon?
Milestones in the energy industry journey

Episode #14: Milestones that changed the energy industry in the past 25 years

The evolution of the energy sector has surpassed every expectation. In this podcast episode, we discuss the milestones that got us where we are today.
: How PRIME Hybrid is solving (your) grid communication challenges

Episode #13: How PRIME Hybrid is solving your grid communication challenges

How do you tackle the issue of last mile communication? Experts from the PRIME Alliance share their insights about PRIME Hybrid solutions.