Natural Gas Alarm, critical for leak detection and prevention

The 2021 gas explosion accident that occurred in Shiyan Hubei province of China was heart-wrenching and sounded 'the alarm' for all on gas safety.
IRENA advises on China's road to net zero

IRENA’s 13-point plan for China to go neutral

IRENA has launched a 13-point plan for China’s climate commitments, key among them being electrification and reformation of power networks.
Tata Motors EV claim

Tata Motors reaffirms EV stake with declaration to sell 50,000 units this year

Tata Motors intends on selling up to 50,000 electric vehicles over the course of the 2022 fiscal year to reaffirm its EV stake in India.
SCADA software

SCADA automotive software expands inter-continental reach

Delta has announced the availability of its SCADA software in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The expanded reach of the solution is aimed to enable utility access to augmented decision-making capability.

International IoT exhibition – Extreme manufacturing sustainable development

EVE Energy will be exhibiting several IoT battery solutions at the 18th 2022 International Internet of Things Exhibition-Shenzhen, which will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) on August 18-20, 2022.

EVE provides reliable power solutions for heat meters

Driven by AI and IoT, heat meters have become one of the main measuring instruments related to people's livelihood.