Interview with EDF UK: How technology can help you thrive in B2B/I&C energy retail


60-minute session

Listen to this rare interview with the largest and arguably most successful B2B energy retailer in the United Kingdom, EDF UK. Mark Teuton, Senior Manager of Business Solutions at EDF UK explores the challenges, opportunities and tools to be deployed to manage the complexities and risks of B2B energy retail markets.

Topics covered include:

  • The differences (and similarities) between B2B retail and B2C markets
  • Key capabilities needed to survive and thrive
  • Which technologies are the key enablers to a B2B retailer
  • How far to go with automation
  • Diversification beyond the kWh
  • What lessons can B2C energy retailers learn from the experience of the B2B market

Moderator: Mike Ballard, Vice President Industry Strategy | Oracle Energy and Water

Speaker: Mark Teuton, Senior Manager of Business Solutions | EDF UK