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Emily Newton on IoT and decarbonisation

3 Ways IoT can help reduce carbon emissions

Emily Newton writes on three use cases where Internet of Things (IoT) are proving useful instruments to help reduce carbon emissions.
JO-Jo Hubbard on renewables

Wasted energies – why we’re getting renewables wrong and how to fix it

For Jo-Jo Hubbard renewables remain the correct bet. The problem is the system within which we are integrating these sources of clean energy.
DTEK boss speaks about Ukrainian-Russian Cyber War

Ed’s note: The Ukrainian-Russian cyber war no one speaks about

The boss of Ukrainian energy company DTEK confirmed that the utility has been a target of substantial cyber attacks in the Ukrainian-Russian war.
space weather

Space weather – a hidden threat to power systems

Solar storms with the potential to disrupt power and other systems including railways are coming into the spotlight as the next solar maximum approaches.
The future of edge computing in Europe

Ed’s note: The future of edge computing in Europe

A new cluster of meta-operating systems received 64 million euros of EU funding, in order to revolutionize edge computing in Europe.
Behavioural science

How behavioural science can boost the green transition

Taking behavioural science into consideration when designing energy policy is crucial for energy transition writes Dr Rosa Garcia-Verdugo.