EVE provides reliable power solutions for heat meters


Driven by the era of the IoE, such as AI and IoT, heat meters have become one of the leading measuring instruments related to people’s livelihood.

According to the national energy-saving regulations, the newly built commercial houses in the north of China stipulated that each household must install a heat meter.

Up to now, 80% to 90% of newly built building heat meters have been installed in northern heating cities, including building and household heat meters.

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Obviously, driven by artificial intelligence and national policy, heat meters have become the main domestic market. With more than 16 years of industry application experience, EVE has comprehensive solutions for smart meters. Over 1.5 billion smart meter batteries have been sold worldwide.

Source: EVE Energy

EVE recommends the Li-SOCl₂ batteries to the heat meter industry, which can ensure the safe usage of heat meters with the advantages of having a long lifetime, high safety and reliability, and ultra-wide range of operating temperature (-55℃~+85℃), low self-discharge rate: ≤1%, etc.

Source: EVE Energy

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