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Smart Energy Finances Weekly

Smart Energy Finances Weekly: Asian stakes and the race to net zero

This week's Smart Energy Finances Weekly illustrates the Asian region as a sector of interest by key players such as Trilliant.
Netze BW emobility grid insights

ePioneers test traffic turnaround on German grid

Netze BW has announced completion of its electromobility project, which provided insights into the effects of increased EV grid penetration.
EV charging

VW and Energy Web develop 24/7 renewable energy charging blockchain solution for EVs

Energy Web and Volkswagen have partnered on a solution to match local renewables to electric vehicle (EV) charging.
Smart home solutions

Smart home solutions providing much needed resilience

Amidst of wildfires, energy security concerns and grid reliability concerns, two smart home solutions provide approaches towards resilience.
solid state batteries carbon emissions reductions

Solid state batteries can reduce EV carbon footprint by 39% – study

Solid state batteries can reduce carbon footprint of EV batteries by almost two-fifths, increasing EV advantage over fossil fuel vehicles.
Sustainability financing

Smart energy finance weekly

In this first iteration of sustainability financing, companies such as Renault, Equinor, CPower and Iberdrola have been making moves.