Natural Gas Alarm, critical for leak detection and prevention


A heart-wrenching gas explosion accident, which occurred in June 2021 in the Shiyan Hubei province of China, sounded ‘the alarm’ for all on gas safety.

The day after this tragedy, the Chinese State Council Safety Committee Office and the Emergency Management Ministry held a meeting to address the incident and redeploy the current national gas safety precautions.

In association with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Emergency Management Ministry promoted the fair trade markets, requesting the installation of gas leakage alarm devices, practically solving gas security problems and preventing such accidents.

Goldcard’s 5G NB-IoT natural gas alarm device received extensive attention.

With over 20 years of engagement in the gas industry and continuous exploration and practice in gas safety technology, Goldcard developed the wireless gas alarm. This technology is suitable for various environments including homes, catering, malls, hotels, schools, and office buildings.

Source: Goldcard

When natural gas concentration reaches the alarm threshold, it will trigger the sound and light alerting signals, and the alarm will be sent to linkage equipment, informing the gas companies, the community offices, and the end users simultaneously.

Plug and play are one of the NB-IoT natural gas alarm’s biggest attractive points. It can work independently without a gateway, and it supports remote alarm, concentration reporting, remote silencer, device expiration reminder, etc. Users can see the gas security situation at home in real-time, predicting potential leakage risks ahead of time.

Source: Goldcard

Main Advantages

  • Dedicated IoT network, in-time and reliable service

A built-in NB-IoT card, automatic connection to the network. Alarm messages, with gas concentration value and danger levels, can be timely received on SMS, WeChat official accounts, and mini-programs. Users can turn off the alarm remotely via their WeChat APP. Moreover, alarms can be sent simultaneously to up to ten family members or related personnel.

  • High sensitivity and low false alarm

The gas sensor is able to detect gas leakage in ultra-low concentrations (250ppm). In combination with the full-range temperature compensation and false report prevention system, increases the anti-interference ability and reduces false alarms.

  • Dust-proof and water-repellent design to extend the service life

Multi-layer labyrinth air intake design avoids water vapor condensation entering the device. The sensor positioned at the back effectively reduces the direct sweep of oil smoke. The entire structure achieves IP 51 protection level. 

  • Lockdown potential risks, guarantee gas security

Continuously and automatically collecting gas concentration data in the environment, and storing maximum hourly value. Users can inquire about historical data and alarms through the WeChat App. This enables them to discover and predict potential leakage risks, handle them in time, and prevent accidents.

Source: Goldcard
  • Configurable sensitivity, reassuring and free from worry

The detecting sensitivity can be adjusted according to the real gas environment. It can be customized to the most suitable alarm sensitivity, ensuring security, and reducing fake or late reports.

  • Intelligent linkage, avoid bigger losses

When a natural gas leak is detected, and the alarm is triggered, the linked IoT gas meter will automatically activate the shut-off valve. This will activate the smart exhaust fan to reduce possible risks.

Goldcard has coordinated with gas companies, promoting smart and safe kitchen construction in communities and villages, to enable the solutions of real safeguards for residents.

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