Family Law Australia

Going through a divorce can be painful and confusing, especially if you have children. Breaking up your family is hard and it is a big decision. You will need the help of the family court to set up a legal agreement as to what is going to happen once the divorce comes through.

You are going to have to reach an agreement with your spouse as to where the kids are going to live and how much time they are going to be spending with each of their parents. You will even need to figure out how the arrangements are going to be made and how the kids are going to get the financial support that they need. Then you need to split up your assets. You will need a experienced local Tweed Heads, NSW family or divorce lawyer to help you through this process as it is very law australia

Each parent has full responsibility for their children until they are 18, even if they are getting divorced. You have to make arrangements right away to work out what you are going to do with the kids until they turn 18. You have to think carefully about how you want to do this as well because once you reach a legal agreement it is going to be very hard to change.

One of the biggest hurdles is figuring out where your kids are going to live, especially if both parents want full custody. You have to figure out a way to share and this can lead to lots of fighting and anger. The process is also very hard for your kids, so you want to try to keep everything as normal as you can for them.

The process can be even harder if you are deciding to sell your family home as part of the divorce. Children don’t like change and the combination of the divorce and having to sell the home is going to be very hard on them. If the kids can stay in their home, things can be much easier. Each parent is going to have to divulge their assets and if the divorce is contentious, you have to hire a lawyer to make sure that one of the spouses is not trying to hide their assets.

You also have to figure out what the spousal support is going to be and you have to determine the amount of child support you are going to need. You need a lawyer to help you determine what all these costs are going to be. Basically, the courts are going to rule for whatever is going to be in the best interest of your children. Even if you are feeling a lot of anger towards your spouse, you want to put your children first and do whatever is going to be in their best interests.

When you are getting divorced, you need a lawyer to help you through these complicated issues. Working out custody agreements and child support payments can be a complicated process.

Our author today is Geoff Gallagher a Tweed Heads family lawyer.

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